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    Zoom Link for FIT eTest Exam July-August 2022

    by VLE Administrator -
    Dear Students,

    Please see the Zoom links with the schedule below.
    Note that you should be in the online session 15 min before the scheduled time of the exam. The supervisor will provide all instructions 15min before the scheduled time of the exam and he/she will not allow you to enter the exam room if you join late.
    Therefore, in order to be on-time, access the Zoom link at least 20 mins before the scheduled time of the exam and wait in the waiting room. 
    Get ready with extra laptops, and/or mobile phones. In case you drop from the Zoom meeting during the exam due to a connection issue, you should join the Zoom session again before attempting any more questions in the exam.

    Read the instructions well and get ready for the exam.

    Note: that since you have agreed to bear the issues related to power cuts, we'll not consider them and reschedule your exam this time.

    All the best in your exam!

    e-test exam revised schedule in July - August 2022

    by VLE Administrator -

    Dear Students who applied for the FIT-eTest online exams,

    Please see the revised schedule below. so please check the dates and time again. We have scheduled the exam for those who have successfully completed the application form and sent their original payment voucher and the agreement letter to UCSC.

    You'll have your exams on  the 2nd , 3rd , 4th of August and 5th of August 2022.

    Hope you have read the instructions provided in the FIT-AEA2022: Assessments course. If not, read the instruction sheet and get ready for the exam. Remember to check the FITVLE announcement daily to get the updates.

    If there were exam paper issues that were already reported to us, those changes will be applied to this schedule too. So, such students need not to contact eLC again for corrections. The other issues will be addressed at the exam.

    Click here for view the schedule

    Best regards,
    Coordinator FIT/eLC

    SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! Postponing the Online Exam scheduled to be held from 21st to 26th of July

    by VLE Administrator -

    Dear Students,

    We have decided to postpone the online exam considering your requests and the current situation in the country. Please accept our apologies if any inconvenience is caused due to this postponement.
    Remember to check the FITVLE announcement regularly and get ready to face the exam on a short notice (at least 5 days before the exam).
    Best regards,
    Coordinator FIT

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