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    FIT e-test examination schedule in July 2024

    by VLE Administrator -

    Dear Student,

    The FIT exam schedule is attached to this message. Please note down the date and time of your exam. Remember to bring the following when you attend the exam.
        1. NIC card / Postal ID/ Passport (Must)
        2. Original Exam Payment voucher  
        3. A Pen (rough sheets will be provided)

    You must bring your original payment voucher to us, otherwise, we may not be able to release your results even if you are allowed to face the exam. You'll have your exams from, the 9th of July to 26th July in 2024.

    Examination Venue
    Examinations are held in Lab MSC at UCSC. You are kindly requested to go to the exact examination hall directly 30 minutes before the exam.  

    Remember to check the FITVLE announcement daily to get the updates.
    Click here for the schedule.

    If your name is not in this schedule, that means, either you have not completed the exam application correctly or you have not attached the payment vouchers correctly.

    All the best on your exams!
    Coordinator FIT.


    FIT e-Test Schedule

    by VLE Administrator -

    Dear Student,

    Please note that the schedule for the FIT e-Test, set for July 9th, 2024, will be published on July 5th, 2024. The examination will commence as planned on July 9th.

    Stay tuned for further updates.

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