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IMPORTANT! Instructions for students attending the exams

IMPORTANT! Instructions for students attending the exams

by VLE Administrator -
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Dear Students in e-Test Exam Schedule,

Note that you should follow the guidelines shared in the previous announcement.
Remember to bring the signed Health Declaration Form and the NIC card to the Exam. You'll not be allowed to enter the exam venue(Lab A) without having any of the above stated items. Also note the following.
  1. We'll not give you anything other than a few rough sheets.
  2. Bring your pens/pencils that you need to do the rough work. You'll not be allowed to take anything other than NIC, pens and pencils to the lab.
  3. Make sure to keep the place tidy. You are advised not to throw away any garbage/trash out. Take all your belongings including food waste with you when you go back home.
  4. Use the entrance on the left hand side to enter the UCSC building. Use the stairs on the left and go to the 1st Floor.Turn left and wake ahead towards the end. The last lab on the right is the Lab A
  5. Leave the UCSC building and the university as soon as you finish the examination.
All the best on your exam!

Coordinator FIT/eLC